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Williams-Bolar speaks for Ohio’s EdChoice


CLEVELAND — The Akron mother that was thrown in jail for falsifying documents so that her children could attend a neighboring school district spoke at a rally on Sunday at Trinity Outreach Ministries in Cleveland.

Kelley Williams-Bolar spoke in favor of parents having open enrollment choices for their children. “We need to collaborate together so we can make some changes, so we can have choice it’s all about choice.”

Williams-Bolar served a total of 9 days in jail for her actions, which she says, was what she had to do to protect her children.

She was joined by Michelle Bernard, who serves as a commentator on national news programs. Bernard spoke about her talk speaking with people in communities all acorss the country. The common thread being that everyone wanted the best for their children.

In order to achieve that, Bernard believes educational choice is necessary for parents. “How much longer do we tell those parents to wait for the public school system to turn itself around? How much longer do their children have to be the scape goat of a failing K-12 education system?” Bernard.

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