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EDITORIAL: School Choice

From The Columbus Dispatch

SCHOOL CHOICE has continued gaining steam around the country for more than two decades for a simple reason: There is demand for it. In a commentary published in Education Week this week, nine scholars and analysts from organizations across the U.S. said 2011 saw “an unprecedented wave of new school choice programs launch across the country.”

Starting today and running through Monday, a Washington-based organization weighs in on Columbus cable TV with ads promoting school choice. The conservative Bernard Center for Women, Politics & Public Policy has created a campaign keyed to Black History Month, calling school choice “the most important civil rights issue of our time.”

The minute-long spot — a 90-second version of which can be viewed at — juxtaposes scenes of the civil-rights struggles of the 20th century with commentary on the situation that many less fortunate children find themselves in today.

“Millions of poor children of all races are trapped in failing public schools,” narrates Bernard Center founder Michelle Bernard. “Outdated policies and laws protect the status quo, not our children.”

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