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Election 2020: Democratic Debate Preview | Pol Watchers’ Key Issues

June 26, 2018

With the Illinois primary still another 265 days away, the Democrats’ process of picking a nominee to run against Donald Trump takes center stage tonight with the first of back-to-back two-hour, 10-candidate debates in Miami (8-10 p.m., NBC).

For a preview, Editor JEFF D’ALESSIO asked political junkies on both sides of the aisle for the one thing they’re most eager to learn about the crowded field the next two nights.


President/CEO, Bernard Center for Women, Politics & Public Policy

“The country is going through a very painful cultural shift and identity crisis. As a result, during the first Democratic debate, I will be looking to see which candidate best explains their understanding of what it is to be an American, where we are as a people today, and how we become a universally just society.

“In my opinion, Marianne Williamson is the candidate who shines the brightest light on these critical issues. Although Williamson’s candidacy has been largely ignored by the press, her voice and the America she believes the nation should be may become even more important as the nation ponders America’s identity. As the American people ask what sort of a country separates migrant children from their parents, places them in what have been described as ‘appalling’ facilities — where many children are unable ‘to shower for days or even weeks,’ where there is ‘inadequate food, flu outbreaks and prolonged periods of detention’ — will the other candidates adopt Williamson’s voice?

“Who will focus on American identity and make clear what America should stand for?

“The other issue I will be focused on is which candidate seems best suited to garner the votes of red state and blue state feminists. I have no doubt that African American women will vote for the candidate that will best meets the needs of all Americans, particularly women, children and those whose voices are ignored by policy makers. The question is, which Democratic candidate, if any, can capture the vote of the white women who not only voted for Donald Trump in 2016, but seem poised to do so again in 2020?

“For many of these women, it would appear that issues like rape, sexual assault, migrant children being caged and separated from their parents, and the abuse of African Americans by the police don’t matter. So, the question I ask is: Can any Democrat attract the votes of these women? This issue is of critical importance because it is the women’s vote that will determine who the next president of the United States will be.”

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