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Kelley Williams-Bolar, Stealing A Free, Public Education, John Kasich and the Black Vote


Kelley Williams-Bolar is led to her jail cell. Then presiding Judge Patricia Cosgrove stated “I felt that some punishment or deterrent was needed for other individuals who might think to defraud the various school districts.”

The Hardball Roundtable digs into their reporters’ notebooks to tell Chris Matthews something he doesn’t know. Michelle D. Bernard discusses the investigation, arrest, prosecution, and incarceration of Ohio mother Kelley Williams-Bolar for “stealing” a public education.


  Air Date:  October 27, 2015

RELATED LINK:   “Why Are We Arresting Mothers for “Stealing” a Public Education?” by Michelle D. Bernard, The 74 (August 6, 2015)




Ohio mother Kelley Williams-Bolar is led off to jail after her conviction.

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