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Mom in School Residency Case Speaks About Choice

By FOX 8 Cleveland

CLEVELAND — Kelley Williams-Bolar says the state’s education system should be revamped financially so that no mother finds herself in the position she did.

“What I’m trying to do is explain that there should be open enrollment in all school districts–period,” she said.

Williams-Bolar spent nine days in jail last year for falsifying records after enrolling her daughters in the Copley-Fairlawn School District when she lived in Akron.

Governor John Kasich later reduced the felonies to misdemeanors, saying that was a more appropriate punishment.

Williams-Bolar spoke as part of Trinity Outreach Ministries education initiative.
“I believe open enrollment should be at all school districts,” she says.

Traditionally, only children who live in a town can go to its public schools since their parents pay taxes in that town.

“I believe that school choice should be an option for every parent,” Williams-Bolar said.

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