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The Russ Parr Morning Show: The Boys of Baraka

African-American boys have a very high chance of being incarcerated or killed before they reach adulthood. In Baltimore, one of the country’s most poverty-stricken cities for inner-city residents, the Baraka School project was founded to break the cycle of violence through an innovative education program that literally removed young boys from low-performing public schools and unstable home environments. The Boys of Baraka follows four boys as they travel with their classmates to rural Kenya in East Africa, where a teacher-student ratio of one to five, a strict disciplinary program and a comprehensive curriculum form the core of an extraordinary new journey in their transformation to men.

Russ spoke with Michelle D. Bernard, MSNBC political analyst and president & CEO of the Bernard Center for Women, Politics & Public Policy; Bill Cosby, actor, activist and comedian, and Tyron Young, Morehouse College senior; featured in the Boys of Bakara about the film and National School Choice Week which is January 23, 2011 through January 29, 2011. School Choice advocates and those who believe that the national has a moral obligation to make sure that all of the nation’s children have access to the very best schools will gather at events throughout the country to discuss education reform, school choice, and how we meet our moral obligation as a nation to our children.

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