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Setting Industry Guidelines for Marketing Junk Food

Letters to the Editor: The New York Times To the Editor: Mark Bittman criticizes the food industry’s opposition to proposed interagency guidelines on marketing to children, and calls self-regulation “self-serving.” In reality, these guidelines are so overreaching that they triggered bipartisan opposition from the most divided Congress in recent history, with Republicans and Democrats sending […]

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A Slimmer Happy Meal

Today, the Chicago Tribune reports that McDonald’s is announcing major changes to its Happy Meal. The once-optional apple slices will now be standard and the serving of fries will be smaller. Fat-free chocolate milk or one percent milk will be standard, and parents will have to specifically ask for soda if they choose that for […]

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School Choice Is the Most Critical Civil Rights Issue of Our Time

published in U.S.News & World Report Remember those commercials in which people would be blindfolded and asked to try a product and then say which one they thought tasted the best? Inevitably, the people in the commercials would taste the bargain item and say they liked it better than the fancy stuff, thus proving that […]

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