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A Slimmer Happy Meal

Today, the Chicago Tribune reports that McDonald’s is announcing major changes to its Happy Meal. The once-optional apple slices will now be standard and the serving of fries will be smaller. Fat-free chocolate milk or one percent milk will be standard, and parents will have to specifically ask for soda if they choose that for […]

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Creating Oases in Food Deserts

Great news for the health of America’s underserved communities!  First Lady Michelle Obama announced today she’s teamed up with some major retailers to fight food deserts in America. For those of you not familiar with food deserts, it is believed that they contribute to many of the catastrophic health problems we see in underserved communities.  […]

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BLOG: Get Big Government Out of My Cereal Box

By Crystal Wright, Senior Fellow July 6, 2011 As a kid, I loved eating Lucky Charms and my bothers and I couldn’t wait to finish the box of cereal to get the prize inside. We also ate chocolate chip cookies and drank sodas in moderation. None of us are fat because my mother instilled good […]

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Can I Become Thin If I Just Mute the Food Ads?

As somebody who has waged a lifelong battle with the bathroom scales, I might be willing to swallow a few principles and go whole hog in embracing the Interagency Working Group (IWG) on Food Marketed to Children’s proposed guidelines for the advertising of food products to children—if I thought these guidelines would do an ounce […]

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The Russ Parr Morning Show: The Boys of Baraka

African-American boys have a very high chance of being incarcerated or killed before they reach adulthood. In Baltimore, one of the country’s most poverty-stricken cities for inner-city residents, the Baraka School project was founded to break the cycle of violence through an innovative education program that literally removed young boys from low-performing public schools and […]

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