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Healthy Food is Hard to Find in Barry Farms

Letters to the Editor: The Washington Post Katherine Mangu-Ward made several valid points in her Oct. 16 Outlook piece, “5 Myths about healthy eating.” However, the notion that poor families lack access to nutritious foods is not the stretch she makes it out to be. Take, for example, Barry Farms, in the District’s Ward 8. In many […]

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A More Constructive Approach to Fighting Childhood Obesity

Published in The Huffington Post, 10/12/11 A recent column by Huffington Post contributor Donald Cohen would lead readers to believe that the food industry — and anyone else who disagrees with the government’s proposed guidelines on the marketing of food to children — simply doesn’t care about our nation’s childhood obesity epidemic. Mr. Cohen […]

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Silly Government, Parenting Is for Parents

Published in The Hill, 10/12/11 There has been ample debate lately about who is really committed to making our children healthier. The argument goes something like this: If food manufacturers were seriously concerned about children’s health, they would make parents’ jobs easier by getting rid of the cartoonish characters they’ve used since the 1950s […]

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Obama Signs Patent Overhaul Law, Pushes Jobs Act

Bernard Center president & CEO and MSNBC political analyst Michelle D. Bernard analyzes the impact of the patent overhaul law and unemployment today.  (September 16, 2011) September 16, 2011| By Michael A. Memoli and Peter Nicholas Reporting from Alexandria, Va., and Washington — President Obama traveled to vote-rich northern Virginia to sign legislation overhauling the […]

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Understanding Childhood Obesity and Nutrition


Moms and Dads Know Best: Understanding Childhood Obesity and Nutrition. Thursday, September 15, 2011 at THEARC 1901 Mississippi Avenue, SE, Washington, DC 20020.

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Food Marketing Is Not the Answer to Obesity

Letters to the Editor: the Washington Examiner While childhood obesity is a serious problem, food marketing is not the culprit. Parents are ultimately in control, and this week’s announcement that McDonald’s is offering a slimmed-down version of the Happy Meal is a great example of that fact. Apple dippers have been offered since 2004, and […]

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Advertising Isn’t the Obesity Boogeyman

Published in  With nearly one in three American children overweight, it’s easy to question why anyone would oppose voluntary government guidelines that would severely restrict which foods can be marketed to children. What isn’t addressed by many is the theory behind these proposed guidelines, crafted by a gang of four government agencies called the […]

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Food Ban Would Be Costly, Absurd

Letters to the Editor: The Washington Times am in total agreement with Beth Johnson’s Aug. 8 Commentary column, “Enough to make you lose your appetite.” Proposed restrictions on food marketing, designed by a government interagency working group, have little, if any, rationale considering the food they would end up targeting. Focusing entirely on sodium, potassium and […]

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Obesity Problem Is About Personal Responsibility and Access

Published in the Huffington Post, 8/3/11 Regarding Kristin Wartman’s August 1st column, “Food Industry Would Prefer to Regulate Itself,” Ms. Wartman casts the food and advertising industry as the callous, corporate villain for a problem that, in truth, is really about personal responsibility and access to healthy and affordable foods. First though, a little […]

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